Monday, January 11, 2010

How To Look Good Naked...or not

Looking good naked is getting too easy.
The hit show How To Look Good Naked has finally made its way from the UK to Canada with its debut last week on the W Network. The show features women ranging from overweight to obese, who have lost body and self-confidence. An overly-encouraging and sympathetic male host, in Canada's case, former eTALK reporter Zain Meghji, coaches the women into looking and feeling their best. The show ends with a nude photoshoot that a teary-eyed contestant once thought she could never do.

Now, I'm all for self-esteem, but it's a wonder to me what the confidence to bare it all means when heart disease and type two diabetes loom just around the corner. It seems that where a healthy diet and some exercise could transform these women's lives for the better, How To Look Good Naked offers up a lacy bra and control-top underwear. If that’s all a girl needs to look good in the buff, then making a show about it is pretty pointless. Hopefully contestants can take their new-found confidence and use it to motivate themselves into a healthier lifestyle. One that may or may not include racy undergarments.

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